Couple of Launch Burps

Barney Gumble from the Simpsons

Anyone involved with rolling out changes to production systems knows that there’s always something that goes wrong, no matter how trivial.  I was bitten by two immediate issues with this week’s relaunch.  One was fixed easily, the other not quite so quickly. For those interested, a run-down:

  1. Nuking my site and starting from scratch broke use of the WordPress for iPhone application.  I received the “Precondition Failed” error discussed in this thread on the WordPress Support Forum.  It appears I had lines in my .htaccess file which fixed this months ago, and reapplying them restored functionality once again.
  2. Alex King‘s Twitter Tools plugin — which provides the means for posting to Twitter anytime you publish on your blog — is not working.  The title of my post will appear in Twitter, but sans URL (shortened or full).  This is not a must-have feature for my site, although it does slow down my workflow to either find a fix or manually do the work a working plugin would automate.  As an alternative, Tony Cecala recommended TwitPress, but from what I read it would barf on scheduled Posts. My first plan of attack is to downgrade to a previous version of the plugin, then switch to manual updates if it continues to not work.  A few others have already discussed this on the WordPress Support forum here and here.

Never a dull moment.

Photo Credit: Rankopedia

Update 2009/09/04: downgrading Twitter Tools to 1.6b2 is the current workaround to Issue #2 above. I’m awaiting a better solution when time permits.