Election Night Post-Script

George W. Bush Expression

It’s nearly 13 years later, and George W. Bush still sucks. But the night of his election was still one of my funnest memories.

That evening, Micha and I were interviewed by Bud Kennedy of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. I finally found a copy of that article, all three pages of which I have pasted below. Now I have all the written proof I need to sue my sister for bodily harm and emotional distress.

Photo credit: The Telegraph

Sky Mall Catalog – Early Spring 2013

SkyMall Consumer LogoLast Friday, I was flying back home from a Minnesota business trip. Although Wi-Fi was available, I couldn’t get my MacBook to connect to IndieGoGo Wi-Fi (despite the fact all of my other devices could). Otherwise, I would have live-tweeted my SkyMall catalog-reading experience.

Now that I am home, I can share some of the better highlights. To read my thoughts, just click on each of the pictures in the gallery below. And be sure to leave some of your own snark. It’s best to approach this as some high form of literary criticism, mixed with a zest of regret.

Update 2013/04/24 MMc: looks like I’m not the only one who was entertained by this month’s SkyMall catalog:

Memories of the Green Mountains

Several years ago, I had the fortune to spend two weeks in Waterbury, VT, working on a technology project for one short week. It was an exciting trip, as it was the first (and only) time I had ben that deep into Nw England — and I fell in love instantly. The mountains, the trees, the people in small towns, and the general simplicity compared to busy, bustling Dallas.

I dug up these photos I took and am posting them here to help remember my experience. Enjoy!