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WordCamp Logo 2008

WordCamp Logo 2008Just a quick note to mention that this weekend I’ll be attending WordCamp 2008, the annual gathering of WordPress Kool-Aid drinkers such as myself. This will be the first conference of this type that I’ve attended; as a result, I am simultaneously intrigued and nervous.

I’m especially excited about the opportunity to meet new people and expand my network. It’s been one of my goals for awhile to better know the blogging community in which I participate. Garnering familiarity with those sharing the same interests as myself should improve not only the quality of what I publish but also my skillsets — after all, I did my best with this site’s code, but I’m sure it’s paper mache compared to the beauty of other’s work.

There will be a number of interesting speakers, including the dude that begat WordPress. I plan to only attend Saturday (as my garden beckons to me on Sunday). If you’ve got anything that you want me to ask or find out, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to bring it up.

Author: Matthew

Husband to Jenn, father to Zachary and Penelope, blogger, artist, WordPress consultant, OpenCamp organizer, and running enthusiast. Brother, can you spare an extra hour in the day?

4 thoughts on “Hello Mother, Hello Father”

  1. I wish Typepad would do something like this. In Dalas…or Fort Worth. I love exchanging ideas with other creative thinkers. You should definitely write about what you learned this weekend as well as post any embarrassing pictures. You know…just in case anything like that happened.

  2. Holy crap…did I just spell Dallas with only one “L”? That was one glass of red wine too many last night. For sure!!

  3. @AB Yes, you did. I promise I won’t give you too much “hel”.

    @Jenny Alas, I did not get to hang around and drink. Instead, I left the conference early to pig out at the Brazilian restaurant. I am now 105% meat-based.

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