I Am a Nasally Non-Nosferatu

Thanks to Daynah, a GeekBrief.tv fan, I’ve discovered my plan to remain fairly anonymous was dealt a blow. She let me know that during Wordcamp Dallas, I was captured on video asking a question of Cali and Neal about their upcoming road trip. The video proves two things: the fact I was photograph proves once and for all that I am not a vampire, and that my voice sounds as bad on video as it does in real life.

Zoom ahead to 27:22 in the video to catch me — but do watch the whole thing, as it was an inspiring presentation. It helped to get me get out of the creative ruts I was in just prior to WordCamp.

Thanks to John Pozadzides for documenting this event.

Author: Matthew

Husband to Jenn, father to Zachary and Penelope, blogger, artist, WordPress consultant, OpenCamp organizer, and running enthusiast. Brother, can you spare an extra hour in the day?

8 thoughts on “I Am a Nasally Non-Nosferatu”

  1. HA! Well, if it’s any consolation, you look and sound the same as you did the 12+ years ago that I last saw you. How’s that for aging gracefully?

  2. The nickname just made me say “wow, I have to check out his website now.” lol And I’m glad I did. πŸ™‚

  3. Megan, one day, he’ll be Spam Man. πŸ™‚

    Matt, did you know they have Spam Rolls (sushi rolls with spam on top!) in Hawaii? I tried it, it wasn’t bad. πŸ˜€

  4. @Shellie Hall Thanks for swinging by!

    @Daynah That doesn’t surprise me. I have a collection of potted meat from around the world, and when I got my Korean tin I was told it was commonly bestowed upon couples as a wedding present!

  5. You are hot. For real. And you have much more hair than Nasferatu, who I would imagine hase really stinky breath. Do you think he ever brushes his teeth? My guess is no.

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