Upcoming WordPress for iPhone 1.4 Beta

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John Bickerstaff, writing yesterday on the WordPress for iPhone blog, has indicated that the application will be going down the path of iPhone OS 3.0 compatability.  Whatever that means.

A majority of the changes delivered with iPhone OS 3.0 were global changes like cut-and-paste, landscape keyboard, and Safari improvements, all of which are accessible today using the current version of WordPress for iPhone.  So what could the application do that’s not already being done?

What would be more interesting is if the WordPress for iPhone application took advantage of the benefits of the hardware upgrade that comes with the iPhone 3GS.  Specifically, video capability — the ability to vlog from anywhere in a minimal number of steps would be quite killer.

I hope that the upcoming 1.4 beta release addresses many of the application’s pedestrian features, including:

  • User Interface: compared to other applications, the GUI is horrid. Ugly, sluggish, and non-intuitive. I would easily compare it to that of the Facebook for iPhone application — except that in its latest release, it corrected these shortcomings and delivered a powerful user interface.
  • Category and Tag Management: assigning these to your posts from the iPhone is a painful process, especially since these lists do not synchronize well between phone and server
  • Custom Taxonomies: unsupported in the current version and critical to running my current blog’s incarnation
  • Option to Force Server-Side Drafts: I have no desire to create post drafts on my iPhone, as a catastrophic hardware failure or theft would undo my work. If possible, I’d much prefer that they be created on my blog always and never provide me the option to do otherwise.

Update 2013/03/28: updated iOS 3.0 link to Wikipedia, as previous linked directly to Apple’s iOS update page that always reflects current version.

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