WordPress, WordPress, and Duplicate Skills on LinkedIn

No Letter P

Capital P Dangit

I’ve had a ton of people endorsing me for stuff on my LinkedIn profile. Skills is potentially a killer feature, where people I’ve worked with professionally are the ones who are confirming the strengths I’m attempting to market.

However, one thing that is killing me is WordPress — or should I say “WordPress” (with a “lower-case p dangit“).

My issue is that friends/colleagues have been endorsing me more in “WordPress” than “WordPress”. Unfortunately, for someone who markets himself on LinkedIn as a WordPress expert, this makes me look like an idiot to true WordPressers. Here’s a screenshot of my LinkedIn profile:

LinkedIn Duplicate Skills Example

I looked to LinkedIn’s support documentation for relief — and had my mellow harshed:

Question: I have duplicate skills on my profile. Can I merge them?

Answer: Unfortunately, skills cannot be merged. If you have duplicate skills on your profile, we suggest one of the two following options:

  • Delete the skill with the least amount of endorsements. Unfortunately, the endorsements will be deleted as well. They cannot be transferred over to the remaining skill at this time.
  • Keep both skills on your profile if you do not want to lose any endorsements.

So the answer is continue using the mis-spelled skill and dishonor the proper way to spell WordPress. Or, delete it and look like I don’t know shit about WordPress. LinkedIn needs to provide some method for correcting grammatical issues such as this.

No Letter PCompounding this pain-in-the-arse is WordPress core’s interference with recording this argument — specifically, its function that auto-capitalizes the middle “P”. Just to properly present my rant, I had to install a plugin or consider customizing my theme.

Photo credits: myself inspired by Capital P in WordPress; Leo Renyolds on Flickr

Author: Matthew

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  1. So I shouldn’t endorse LinkedIn for “usability”?

    I use LinkedIn, but I hate that it’s trying to be a full social network. Now when that coworker adds me, I more or less have to add him, even if I wouldn’t endorse him to dig a hole. And endorsement guilt plays are starting as well. Woohoo. Fun.

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