My name is Matthew McGarity. I’m a dad & husband living in McKinney, TX.

I have two kids, two cats, two guinea pigs, and a dog. Collectively, there are 6 girls to 3 boys in our house, so I am outnumbered.

My daytime hours are spent as product manager for a cyber-security platform. In between saving the world, I like to explore, read non-fiction, collect comic books, play video games, and write in my various paper & electronic journals.

I don’t write here very often, but I’m thinking about starting again. When I do, I like writing about running. I also write on a variety of personal interests, which are better-categorized by the tags displayed in my sidebar.

I am also experimenting with my own newsletter, for fun vs. profit.

I am not really on social media, having quit all big players back in 2020. Since then, I privately reactivated my Instagram profile and my only follower is my wife, so she can continue to be surprised by the occasional family photos appear in her feed.

I love listening to podcasts. I sometimes make appearances on other people’s podcasts. I occasionally think of creating my own, but then give up because it seems like so much work.

I also love my two video projects: taking a selfie everyday, and documenting one second per day of my family’s life. I sometimes appear in other YouTube videos.

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