A Better "Write Every Day"

There’s another way that blogging makes my writing better: writing every day makes it easier to write every day. When I was a baby writer, I thought the injunction to “write every day” was purely aspirational, like “do an hour’s aerobic exercise” or “eat five helpings of vegetables.” I deeply regret the years in which I waited for inspiration to strike before writing (as I regret the years when I didn’t get adequate exercise or nutrition) because of all the practice I missed and the habits I waited too long to develop.

Cory Doctorow, The Memex Method

The last sentence struck me hard. I’ve had this blog for nearly as long as Mr. Doctorow, yet by becoming fallow it’s lost its power to drive my current & future thoughts.

The last sentence was enough to inspire me to write something, anything, maybe as a germ for future regular authorship.