Chia Obama Registration Card

Chia Obama Registration Card

Determined Chia ObamaLast week marks 100 days since the Newtown, CT massacre. The prevalent thinking in political circles was that stronger background checks should be required. However, resistance to that idea has ground down any initiative.

The pro-gun argument against background checks centers around records retention — that if the authorities have to gather the data for such checks, they could retain it after such purchase and have the data necessary to “take away our guns”. It’s a valid argument, but that doesn’t mean a solution isn’t possible.

This reminded me of the following: my Chia Obama registration card. Yes, my terra-cotta Anti-Christ requires registration. But don’t look for me to fill it out — the gov’mint ain’t gonna take away my chia!

Chia Obama registration card

Some thoughts about the questions it asks:

  • So you know, I own Determined Obama. There is no Happy Obama, because all black people are angry. Or so I hear.
  • I’m happy that Barack was part of their “Proud to be an American” series. We all know Michelle Obama wouldn’t have qualified.
  • A Chia White House would be interesting, so I could recreate the Battlefield Earth look-and-feel on my windowsill, minus the Scientologists.
  • I’m glad it asks me if it makes me feel hopeful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t ask if I also feel changeful.