Another way I’ve been recording my days (besides using the 1 Second Everyday iOS app) has been taking daily selfies.

The concept is simple: everyday, you take a self-portrait, then compile those pictures into a time-lapse video. It’s definitely much more vain than what I’ve been doing with 1 Second Everyday, but it’s a fun indulgence. Besides, if you watch closely, you can attempt to find out where I was on a given day, or when the actinic keratosis on my nose cleared up! 🙂

I originally did this using the Everyday iOS app (whose moniker was the inspiration for the title of both this page and my video compilation), but that app was eventually abandoned and broken by recent iOS & iPhone hardware changes.  I have since switched over to the Close-up app, which has a rougher UX but does a remarkable job of filling the void.

As I keep taking self-portraits, I’ll update this video over time (below is everything through 2022-12-31).

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