As many of you know, I once buried a time capsule.

And this past month, I opened it — 25 years later.

This is the first in a series of posts, where I’ll share the story behind this personal time capsule, its contents, and some of its curators.

The original plan was to open the time capsule on April 9, 2022, 25 years exactly from when the Bruce Hall time capsule was on-schedule to be unearthed. However, the universe interfered with many of these plans:

  • The Bruce Hall time capsule was fouled when groundwater seeped into it, destroying all of its contents. Much mellow was harshed!
  • Although I had planned a reunion to accompany the opening of my personal time capsule, years of crippling depression led me to abandon the plan.
  • By the time I’d recovered enough to at least open it with my best friend Jim, we had to push the date back two weeks for our schedules to align.

I know that some of you feel left out of the fun, having long-circled the original date on your calendars. For that, I apologize — I was barely holding it together for my family during the pandemic, so mustering the energy to organize a big social event was mentally-insurmountable. Hopefully these words and pictures are an acceptable substitute.

Below are links to descriptions of individual contents, which I’ll add over the next several weeks. So keep checking back for more.

It’s been a long enough quarter-century…let’s unlock it and get started!