Graduation Tassels

Where we find out which lasts longer: synthetic fabric or my college education?

Graduation Tassels

I'm one of the weird ones who enjoyed great experiences in both high school & college. For many years, the tassel from my high school graduation hung prominently from my car's rear view mirror. So after I graduated college, I stored both inside a small glass bottle within the time capsule.

Upon discovery, I learned its cork lid was ajar, ringed with a matte black substance. When I opened it, black powder fell out. It turns out that most of both tassels had disintegrated, transforming into a tacky, creosote-like substance I had to wash off my hands before continuing.

Both tassels were made of some type of synthetic fiber. My guess was either nylon or rayon; some quick Googling indicates that the latter is biodegradable! How come they didn't teach me this in college?!