Hail to The Bloggess

Hail to The Bloggess

Meeting The Bloggess

One year ago, the streams crossed and I finally met IRL Jenny Lawson a.k.a. The Bloggess. Her blogs were the first I hooked onto in my early days of writing. She’s gone on to wild and deserved success, while I’ve been going for the bronze. Let’s say I’m the control and she’s the experiment.

For some reason, Jenny took pity on my blog, leaving some of the better, more-encouraging comments. So in a way, I knew her when. I almost inspired her to pierce her body, catch leprosy, and ponder the state of my testicles.

If you don’t already have her book, get it now. And read it cover-to-cover, neglecting your hygiene and children until you are finished. Then drive to the hospital and have them tend to your split sides, because that shit won’t heal on its own.

I stumbled upon the paperback edition of her book while grocery shopping the other night. I don’t care what Kroger thinks about you, Jenny, you’re worth at least $16 bucks to me. If more than that, we’ll need to talk.

The Bloggess Book at Kroger

Congratulations on your success, Jenny! Please please keep it up.