New Year, New Blog

My search for a blogging system that best balances price with frequency of use.

New Year, New Blog
Photo by Roven Images / Unsplash

Welcome to my new blog!

Prior to this, it was hosted on, and many of my older posts are still available here.

I gave a shot for the past year, as it was cheaper than my prior self-hosting setup. However, even when paying just $4 USD / month, I still wasn't using it much. So this time around, I'm going the 100% free route.

Here are the specfic resources I Frankensteined together to accomplish this:

  • Jekyll leverages Ruby to publish Markdown to static webpages
  • New posts are composed using Markdown
  • My change control tool is Git, with GitHub Desktop as my idiot-proof client
  • Free hosting is done using GitHub Pages
  • HTML5 UP helps me with the pretty home page template

If I ever feel like posting, it's as simple as opening a text file and pushing my changes, which can be done from most anywhere — work computer, home computer, even my phone.

Here’s to an efficient and cheap 2024!