Nilla (2003-2008)

Last Friday, on May 2, 2008, our sweet-sweet guinea pig Nilla passed away.

She was my first cavy, having been introduced into my life by way of Jenn, her “Big Momma”. Nilla could not have had a better one, either. Each day that Nilla graced our lives was a day filled with immeasurable happiness, thanks to her loud wheeks, irresistable mug, and amazing personality. I’m looking forward to seeing her again someday in heaven.

Such infectioius joy must be shared with the world, so please enjoy some of these classic snapshots of Nilla in action. I’ve also dug up a video of Nilla’s birthday party two years ago, which she shared with her sister Buttercup.  If you get a chance, leave a comment under your favorite photo!

Update 2013/03/27: at one time, this post linked to some photos which have been lost. So I deleted any references in this post to photos. So, yeah.