Oak Hardwood Flooring from Bruce Hall's "Bowling Alley"

More about Bruce Hall's "Bowling Alley" and my own personal slice.

Oak Hardwood Flooring from Bruce Hall's "Bowling Alley"

For the past 25 years, I had day-dreamed about the artifacts I remembered putting into my time capsule. While there were some I'd forgotten about, few actually surprised me as much as the following.

After emptying the time capsule, I laughed upon seeing the now-revealed bottom surface: it was oak hardwood flooring. Specifically, it was pieces of the original "Bowling Alley"!

The "Bowling Alley" was the affectionate nickname for Bruce Hall's long ground-floor hallway, spanning north to south the entire width of the building. First installed in the 1940s, the oak planks had lasted five decades before finally wearing out from all the foot traffic.

In 1996, it was ripped out & replaced with like material. Before being scrapped, I preserved several planks of the original boards, with the intent of using it to fashion a desk someday. In the meantime, a few feet of it made its way into my time capsule.