Simon Ennis and his Big Stupid Guitar

Simon Ennis and his Big Stupid Guitar

Simon Ennis and His Big Stupid Guitar

Love is just the new natural selection…!

Simon Ennis was a cool cat, solely responsible for my enduring nickname, “The Worst R.A. in Bruce Hall.” Whenever I watch Gilligan’s Island or ponder the mental state of squirrels, I think of him.

While an R.A. at Bruce Hall, he took up a side career as an busking acoustic musician. His one-man act, Simon Ennis and his Big Stupid Guitar, was pretty popular with the geeks of Bruce. They’ve craved to hear some of his old recordings. Lucky for them I’m a pack-rat.

Below are MP3 recordings from my original casette tape. Because of the original medium, the sound will be a bit tinny, but if you are true fan you can fight through it:
Natural Selection
My Green Shirt
Safe Suburban Home
Six Million Dollar Woman
Your Mother’s Gonna Miss Me
State Employee
Male Homosexuality
Kurt Cobain in a Coma
Sleeping Pill
My Lost Cat

It’s quite remarkable I even have this tape. A friend of mine had been borrowing it, and his apartment burned down. This tape was in a box, which itself was within an armoire — that double-seal is the only thing that kept it from being nuked.

While I have these recordings, I don’t have the track names. If anyone is able to help me reconstruct them, just let me know in the comments below.

I tried to find Simon, so I might confirm it’s OK to share these files, but he’s proven quite elusive. After leaving Bruce, Simon eventually moved to the Davis/Sacramento area for his doctorate. During his time there, he continued to record with a band called St. Simon 3 (as noted here and here). Hopefully it’s OK, but don’t be surprised if I’m asked to take these down.

To paraphrase St. Simon: I don’t care what they say about you, Simon — I think you’re awesome. And you smell just fine!

Photo Credit: Kacey Close on Facebook