Social Media Lent 2015

Social Media Lent 2015
Before (Fat Tuesday) and After (Ash Wednesday)

It’s that time of year again, where I feel compelled to fuckitall and run away from the world.  Lent is an ideal time to turn inward, to focus on health both spiritual and physical.  And this time around, I’m in desperate need to take care of myself.

I’ve neglected Matthew for many months, as the demands of both work and family have sapped my energy reserves.  I want to reduce distraction and make the daytime hours productive and meaningful.

Therefore, I’m repeating my abstinence from four years ago and disavowing my favorite social media platforms.  I’m temporarily retiring from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and using that time to focus on improvement: to read real books instead of link-bait, to work out my body instead of letting it go fallow on my comfy couch, to look at the people around me instead of those in my feed.

The one exception I’m making relates to this blog.  Recently, I joined a weekly post challenge group on Facebook, with the intent to gain some inspiration from fellow bloggers and rekindle my love for writing.  I’ll still work on weekly blog posts, and I’ll still cross-post to that Facebook group.  But otherwise, I’ll be silent.

I’m no Luddite.  I know I’ll return to social media full-time — it’s where my closest friends reside these days, all of whom I’ll miss these next several weeks.  Besides, I’m not giving up text messaging and email, so y’all know where to find me.

Peace be with you, as I hope it is always with me.