Spamboy v2: New Site Design

In an attempt to piggyback upon the legacy of September 1st, I’ve decided to relaunch my blog. Yet again.

This completes a redesign that started in January, when subsequently got its wheels shot off by my first child’s premature birth (he was not supposed to show up before the end of February).  It’s amazing how it takes six months to recover from an event you had been planning for the previous nine.

To facilitate a clean start, I’ve decided to start from scratch: no Posts (besides this one), fewer Pages, a new and flexible Theme, and a build-the-foundation approach.  I hope this site is updated far more frequently than its previous incarnation.  I have no excuse to do otherwise.

Over the next couple of weeks, I plan to write in detail about the work that went into this redesign. In the meantime, thanks for visiting!  Keep following me using my RSS feed and my Twitter account.