Flyer from Corey Mickels’ funeral (1978-1997)

A little about my former next-door neighbor and his tragic loss.

Flyer from Corey Mickels’ funeral (1978-1997)

Corey was one of my students during my days as Bruce Hall's D300 resident assistant.

While he was only the second person I knew to pass away (the first being Jason), he was the first to die by way of a drug overdose. The first time and last time he did heroin were the same moment.

I didn't attend his funeral. Death was still a rare thing in my life, so I felt awkward about going. He was also my next-door neighbor, and having someone so physically approximate die contributed to my unease. It was Jim who brought back this flyer.

It's been so many years since I've thought of him. But I remember his smile and silliness. Like many of my residents, he worked in the Bruce Hall cafeteria, so I saw him often. He showed up one day wearing horn-rim glasses sans lens, just because of "the look".

Scan of a page from UNT's 1997 yearbook which featured Corey Mickels
A page from UNT's 1997 yearbook that featured Corey

His death predated the internet, so there's no obituary to which I can link. However, I did find his freshman yearbook photo from that spring. That's him, on the second row, second from the left.

Rest in peace, Corey!